Carpet Repairs

Carpets see a lot of wear and tear and often need repairing or replacing when you least expect it. Our team of carpet layers will consult you on the maintenance and replacement to meet your maintenance needs.

You don’t want to have to go to the expense of replacing carpet when it can simply be patched or repaired. We offer a complete carpet repair service across Brisbane, including:

  • Carpet repairs for commercial and residential
  • Patching and restretching
  • Water damage restoration
  • Repairing seams and burn spots
  • Repairing stairway carpet

  • Cleaning and repairing carpet stains including bleach, red wine and pet stains


If you have a rental property or commercial property that has loose and wrinkled carpets, our team can stretch your carpets, making them tight again. This gives your carpet extra life and stops them from wearing so quickly. It also reduces the chances of trips on loose carpet.

Small areas of burns and damage can be repaired using quality matching carpet. The damaged piece is carefully cut out and replaced. If there isn’t a matching piece available, our experienced team can take a small piece of carpet from a hidden location (like a wardrobe or storage area) and fix it into place.

While your carpet damage may seem minor, it is certainly noticeable, and can cause your carpet to wear through quicker than needed. Carpet repairs can give you additional time before needing to completely replace your flooring.

If you need to have carpet repaired in a residential or commercial property, speak to us today.

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Why Choose Your Building & Maintenance Team?


Competitive Pricing – we ensure our pricing is competitive and can work with your budget to provide maintenance solutions to meet your needs. We can provide you with a customised quote for any of our single services, or for full property maintenance.


50 Years of Experience – it’s hard to beat a combined 50 years of experience when it comes to commercial building maintenance. We have a range of skills, and we allocate the right tradesperson to your job.


Quality Guaranteed – we aim to exceed expectations, with a team who is focussed on providing high level customer service and quality workmanship. Our results speak for themselves.


The Right Equipment – all our tradespeople travel to jobs with the right equipment on board. With the right tools for the job, we can get your building maintenance done right the first time, and let you get back to work

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Your Building & Maintenance Team

At Your Building & Maintenance Team, we believe that every commercial business and premises needs professional property maintenance to ensure not only the health and safety of your staff and visitors, but to ensure that your business keeps running and growing.

A commercial building is an important asset and needs to be maintained regularly. If you’re looking for help with one-off or ongoing commercial property maintenance in and around Brisbane, Your Building & Maintenance Team is ready to help.

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With Your Building & Maintenance Team, you can choose from flexible one-off service bookings to having all your property portfolio maintenance looked after. As a single-source provider, we make it simple, leaving you with peace of mind of a job done right.

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