Looking to replace the windows in your property? Our window glazing services include replacing cracked or broken glass, or making your office or property more energy efficient.

Accidents happen, and they happen when we least expect them to. More often than not, they involve glass breaking. Our glazing services cover glass door and window replacements as well as repairs to ensure your home or business is secure. Whether you need a window fixed right now, or just need help to secure your property until we can put a more permanent solution in place, your Building and Maintenance team is here to help.

We work with:

  • Commercial glass
  • Residential glass
  • Emergency glass
  • Kitchen, showerscreens, mirrors


Our glaziers can work with both commercial and residential property throughout Brisbane, on single or multiple windows and doors. We service all styles of buildings, including strata properties. We can also help you replace shower screens and mirrors in commercial and residential properties.

Whether you need a repair or you are looking for a completely new style to assist with your renovation, Your Building and Maintenance Team can assist. We will come to you, discuss your needs and work with you to meet your needs and your budget. Highly skilled and highly experienced, our glaziers are ready to work with you.

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With Your Building & Maintenance Team, you can choose from flexible one-off service bookings to having all your property portfolio maintenance looked after. As a single-source provider, we make it simple, leaving you with peace of mind of a job done right.

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